SmartForce CRM is a Android Tab & HTML5 based  sales force automation App which gives sales team members access to key product information allowing them to perform critical sales functions including accessing product information, lead creation, manage leads, convert lead to order, placement of orders, capture the Application/order data digitally with supporting images, checking order status, updating sales pipeline information, and looking up client details many more.

Features of Smart Force CRM:

Access key customer information at point-of-need

Access sales reports

Manage leads/opportunities by account or territory

Access up-to-date product information

Allow sales team to share activity, calendar, and workflow data

Create/track orders

Access product/scheme-specific pricing and product configuration

Delivery and status alerts etc.

Learning Management System

  • LMs Module provides details about each SKU

  • Each SKU will have product brochure, Video or related information in the LMS

  • The user can go through the documents, videos etc. to understand product features

  • The user may be requested to take a basic quiz about the product features to evaluate their understanding of the product.

  • Using AdStringO Data Compression all contents like Image Audio Video and PDF will be at compressed state so that even at 2G network data transfer will be very fast between HO and field n vice versa

Supply Chain Management System using QR Code

  • The Supply chain Management System based on QR code will provide necessary information to keep track of the movement of products.

  • The QR code will read at every stage of the product movement like Production -> Distributor -> Dealer - > Customer.

  • The Sale and Stock the lowest level the pyramid also can be done through QR codes.

  • Total control over the movement of products.

Backend Portal for MIS & Reports

Backend Portal provides access to the management team and admin to perform following activities

  • Attendance Status of employees

  • PJP Reports

  • MIS & Reports

  • Notification

  • User Management

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